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In a world where gender-affirming care may be under threat, the Portable Laser Hair Remover becomes more than just a device; it becomes a symbol of resilience and autonomy. This innovative product empowers individuals to take control of their self-affirmation by helping them achieve the smooth, hair-free skin they desire, aligned with their authentic gender identity.

Embrace the beauty of flawlessly smooth skin with our revolutionary Portable Laser Hair Remover, specially designed to cater to the needs of trans women & cis gendered women seeking a safe, effective, and convenient solution to unwanted body hair. Say goodbye to razors, waxing, and constant salon visits, and say hello to a newfound sense of confidence and freedom!

Affirm Your Gender On Your Own Terms

Embrace your identity with confidence and experience the joy of smooth, hair-free skin with our Portable Laser Hair Remover. Invest in yourself and enjoy the freedom to be your authentic self every day. Unlock a world of limitless possibilities with the power of advanced laser technology and revel in the beauty of a hair-free life.

Advanced Laser Technology

Our Portable Laser Hair Remover utilizes cutting-edge laser technology to target and eliminate hair follicles at their roots.

Safe and Painless

Designed with your safety in mind, our hair remover offers a gentle and painless hair removal experience. No more worries about nicks, cuts, or skin irritation caused by traditional hair removal methods. 

Compact and Portable

The compact size of our Portable Laser Hair Remover makes it a travel-friendly companion for busy lifestyles. 

Say Goodbye to Unwanted Hair 

Say Hello To Your Gender Identity

While the Portable Laser Hair Remover is not a substitute for comprehensive gender-affirming care, it serves as a practical, immediate solution for managing one aspect of self-expression. It's essential to continue advocating for inclusive and comprehensive gender-affirming healthcare policies while utilizing available tools like the Portable Laser Hair Remover to affirm gender identity on your own terms.

Long-Lasting Results: Tired of temporary solutions? Our Portable Laser Hair Remover offers long-lasting results that go beyond the surface. With regular use, you'll experience significantly reduced hair growth, leading to smoother skin that lasts.

Works on all hair types

Thick to thin, avoid hair bumps and razor nicks

In times of adversity, individuals affirming their gender themselves show remarkable strength, resilience, and determination. By embracing the power of self-affirmation, we can collectively demonstrate that gender identity should be celebrated, supported, and respected, no matter the challenges we may face.


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Might actually be the most disappointing waste of $30 I’ve had. Cool, the buzzer part works. But the other tip that comes with it for “shaving” stubble is basically just a grater that hurts like hell to run across your face, while also not cutting any hairs. Didn’t come with the charging cord, the instructions are a tiny piece of paper that helps nothing honestly, and I’ve reached out 3 times to customer service and they don’t get back to me. Who knows if the laser removal portion even works, they didn’t answer me when I asked. I’d recommend just saving up and buying a laser hair removal from somewhere else

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