Should There Be A Straight Pride?

in Mar 7, 2024


  1. Should There Be A Straight Pride?
- 1.1 Discrimination Against LGBTQ
- 1.2  Marriage For LGBTQ
2. When was the first Gay Pride?
- 2.1 Stonewall Riots
- 2.2 Difficulties of safe spaces in the 70s
3. What happened before for Gay Liberation?
- 3.1 Mistreatment of lgbtq
- 3.2 Nex Benedict and O’Shae Sibley
4. Is LGBT pride unfair to straight people?
5.Why does gay pride exist?
- 5.1 Marginalized community
- 5.2 Reasons for LGBT Pride
6. Personal Stories Of Persecution from a Black Queer Woman
- 6.1 Experiences while closeted
- 6.2 Hiding a 6 year relationship
- 6.3 Minimizing Self for safety
7. Does it make sense to have straight pride?
- 7.1 Why queer folks need it
- 7.2 Do straight people deserve it?

Should There Be A Straight Pride?

Should Straight Pride Exist? Heterosexual couple getting married
Heterosexual Couple getting married | Image Source pixabay
Discrimination Against LGBTQ+

The lgbt community is frequently the target of attacks, exclusion, ridicule, and invalidation by society at large, and all that we have in return is tolerance and very few policies to protect us.

Marriage For LGBTQ+

There was no legalization of same-sex marriage until the year 2016, and on top of that, currently, there are several issues surrounding certain industries allowing themselves to discriminate against LGBT couples and individuals.

Marsha P Johnson LGBT Activist 1970s

Marsha P Johnson | Activist | prominent figures of the gay rights movement of the 1960s and 1970s in New York City.-Creator: RawPhoto1 | Credit: Getty Images

When was the first Gay Pride?

The first pride was in 1970—a riot against the police raids at so-called "gay" and "lesbian" bars/speakeasies, which were generally pretty hard to find, back in those days.

You couldn’t just pull out your phone and walk in to the nearest one. There was a sort of code, or lingo that needed to be used. There were certain ways to go about finding these places so you wouldn't be sought out as homosexual.

lgbt being arrested black and white 1970s photo

Gay Liberation Front from 1970s | Visit Creator: Charlie Pearce  Copyright: Charlie Pearce

What happened before for Gay Liberation?

If you were to be caught having same sex relations you could be arrested, beaten, or in some cases even killed.

Though it doesn't really look like much has changed with time, today you hear about people like Nex Benedict, the 16-year-old non binary student killed in a school bathroom or O’Shae Sibley a young black gay man killed for voguing at a gas station in New York.

Even so we as a community have made some progress, in being accepted by society.

Is LGBT pride unfair to straight people?

straight hetero couple embracing on a balcony

Photo Source | Pixbay | Heterosexual Couple Embracing

The question here though is should there be a straight pride? Some argue that it is an act of equality in the sense that there is queer pride but not one for the heterosexual folks, and, in fact, some go to the extent of insisting that the lgbt community is rubbing pride in the faces of straight people.

Why does gay pride exist?

Nex benedict 16 Year Old Non Binary Student Vigil service

Nex benedict 16 Year Old Non Binary Student Vigil service | El Diario de Chihuahua

Marginalized community

History has demonstrated over and over again that we are a single-mindedly bullied community. Since the beginning of time our community has been sought out and hunted; hundreds of examples exist of what queer people simply existing have led to.

- see Timeline of the Matthew Shepard and James Byrd, Jr. Hate Crimes Prevention Act for more info

Reasons for LGBT Pride

Some of the reasons for pride in the first place are: 1) to create a safe space for the 'queer' people, 2) raising awareness and providing resources to issues affecting the community, and 3) to celebrate who we are even when at times the world feels against us. 

Alex Schar Owner Of Rose Gold Co holding LGBT Rainbow Pride Flag

Alex Schar, 26 Black Queer woman | Owner of Rose Gold Co. Shop

Personal Stories Of Persecution from a Black Queer Woman

Experiences while closeted

Speaking as a queer person I have no true knowledge of how the other side experiences life but I do know that when I was in the closet and experiencing life as a “straight woman,” dating men and falling into the societal norm, no one ever made me feel bad about being straight.

Hiding a 6 year relationship

For 6 years my partner and I have been “roommates'' to most. I personally have been excluded from weddings, reunions, and events because it’s a “family only” event. When another cis female member of that family gets to bring their boyfriend they’ve been dating for a week. 

Minimizing Self for safety

I spent 18 years in the closet and never experienced the same sort of exclusion as a ‘straight person’ that I do now. Currently as a proud black queer woman in my mid 20’s I find myself not mentioning my partner on purpose because I don’t want to make other people feel uncomfortable, or in some cases I’m worried I might be putting myself in danger.

Does it make sense to have straight pride?

Lgbt pride parade outdoors people holding pride flags and signs wearing rainbow clothing

Image by Mircea Iancu from Pixabay

Why queer folks need it

LGBT Pride is a sacred event created to provide a space for queer people one month out of the year to feel like they belong. While pride itself is typically only a day or two long depending on the city. 

Do straight people deserve it?

Does straight pride deserve a spot at the table? What do you think. Answer our poll on instagram or comment your thoughts.