Anti-Trans Candidates Are Losing... Big Time

in Mar 12, 2024

It seems like America can finally agree on one thing, the world has bigger problems than boys who kiss boys or girls who kiss girls. GLAAD put out a voters study and found that anti-trans candidates are not fairing well with voters this electoral season. 

The world has bigger problems than boys who kiss boys and girls who kiss girls shirt

The world has bigger problems shirt | Rose Gold Co. 

Trump voters and swing voters who say they vote for either party —agree that politicians “should stop focusing on restricting women’s rights and banning medical care for transgender youth and instead focus on addressing inflation, job creation, and healthcare costs.”

- Election 2024: GLAAD’s Voter Poll Indicates

US Is Getting Priorities Straight

It seems like the United States as a whole is in such turmoil facing a series of significant challenges, including soaring housing prices, a severe homelessness crisis, and inflation that is draining the bank accounts of the average citizen; that now a large number of Americans are prioritizing a politician that will actually help fix the hell fire that is current day America rather than bully minorities.

It does seem though, that many republican candidates were not aware of this, as many led their campaigns with radical anti-trans, and anti-lgbt policies as their campaign for front. 

republican canidates 2024
Clockwise from top left: Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis, Donald Trump, South Carolina Sen. Tim Scott, former U.N. Ambassador Nikki Haley, North Dakota Gov. Doug Burgum, Vivek Ramaswamy and former New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie. Anna Moneymaker, Brandon Bell, Win McNamee, Michael M. Santiago, Robyn Beck/AFP (2), Ethan Miller/Getty Images

Many major dangers to the community like Ron Desantis and Tim Scott have lost or even dropped out of campaigns. It seems the same old game isn’t going to work anymore.

This is actually a major relief and win for the lgbtq community but more specifically the trans community. As several trans and gender non-conforming individuals have been murdered in the United States due to the political acceptance and widespread cultivation of these hateful ideologies and beliefs.

Violence Against LGBTQ in 2024

Kitty Monroe, Nex benedict, Chevy Hill, were all gender non conforming and trans people who lost their lives due to violence in the united states. Nex benedict was beaten up by a group of girls in the school restroom, Chevy Hill was shot and killed by  a family member, Kitty was killed by a fatal hit and run while being chased by suspects armed with guns.

Anti Trans Bills and Legislation 

Meanwhile the ALCU has tracked over 450 anti LGBT bills introduced in the united states alone.

ALCU tracked 478 anti-lgbt bills

ALCU Map & Statistics for Anti LGBT Bill in The U.S.

First Amendment-protected right to free expression, Drag Bans aim to ban or censor performances like drag shows. Healthcare Age Restrictions would make affirming care for trans youth illegal with criminal penalties for providing that care. Prison Healthcare Restrictions would limit access to necessary medical care. Religious Exemptions bills make sure that employers and even hospitals can, under the law, turn away LGBTQ and refuse equal treatment, therefore undermining and weakening the non-discrimination laws.

GLAAD Voting Statistics for LGBT

Voting Statistics of lgbt found | by GLAAD

Who's Voting This Year

Some good news is that glaad found that a whopping 94% of lgbtq folks claimed they would vote in the general election this November. On top of that Candidates who frequently discuss restrictions on transgender youth are creating more opposition than support for their campaigns.

Glaad also found that 72% experience negative impacts to their mental health and emotional well-being caused by the current state of political discourse in our country. Meanwhile the Williams Institute found that, more that 40% of adult transgender folks in the US have actually attempted suicide. These alarming numbers show just how much political decisions affect the lgbtq community but more specifically transgender people.

LGBT Pride Parade

Photo by Brett Sayles | Sourse: Pexels

A Brighter Future for LGBTQ America

The good news is, using your platform to diminish and belittle the trans community as a politician isn’t working anymore. The people of the US have real problems they’d like to have addressed. It seems like this year there is statistically a better chance we will see politicians in power who focus on real issues like the crumbling economy, the enormous amounts of tax dollars spent on war, rising housing costs and joblessness in the US.  

As time moves forward people are starting to realize the importance of voting and how it affects our nation. It's not just boomers and the conservative Gen X who vote now; millennials and Gen Z are in on the action. And we would like to fix the current state that our predecessors royally fucked for us. It’s about time.