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I love it perfect fit


Love the idea of the ring. But not a fan of the hard edge. Unlike the tapered edge of my rainbow ring (also from here, LOVE 5/5⭐️) it just feels bulkier and sharper (less comfortable). Would love a tapered version of this ring— similar to the rainbow ring!

Pansexual Pride Flag Ring
Daryle Hornberger

I wanted an anxiety pan spinner ring.

Gorgeous, just like the picture. I got the rose gold one.


Love it 💜

I love the quality of your workmanship. Beautiful bracelet.

I love my Pride ring. I will always wear it.

Pretty Good

It works pretty well, but it gets uncomfortable after about an hour or two.


I’m so obsessed with this, this bracelet is so cute and I love that it’s also discreet so I can wear it even though I haven’t come out to everyone yet. ❤️

Ace AJ Wallace

I really like the product a lot

Black Rainbow Pride Ring

The shipment has not arrived yet.

I got for it a friend he loved it

Band is not as wide as the other rings, making it uncomfortable to wear with them. The ring is the same quality of build, colours, etc as the rest of them.

Beads break after one use

Wore these rings once. Only 3 of the beads made it home with me and of those, the color rubbed off of two of them. They're cute but not for multiple uses.

Black Rainbow Pride Ring

pretty good

nice colors

Rainbow Pride Tassel Dangle Earrings

I love it!!

I put it on my DS Lite that’s also trans themed

There were a lot of stickers, one od then was really creative, it had an arrow then an ace another one has mushrooms I. The color of the aroave flag, but it was great quality

So pretty

I love these earrings, they got lots of compliments, i only wore them once, i was trying on clothes and one of them had half of the charkra come off, i did get it back on, but am concerned of it happening again

Ring Contest Winners
Adriana Sala
Ring contest

I got the ring size wrong (my fault), but I wear it with my house keys. Also later I bought another ring now yes in the correct size. Plus i love It!!

Smaller then I expected but love it

First time buying a binder but great starter one ^^

Love the ring

Love it

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