Pansexual Pride Flag 3x5 ft

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Size 3 x 5 ft
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The 3x5ft LGBT Pan Pansexual Pride Flag celebrates the diverse and beautiful Pansexual community, symbolizing self-love, acceptance, and pride. It supports marginalized communities and raises awareness of their challenges.

- Updated Design: Features the latest 2021 design.
- Color Scheme: Pink for attraction to women, blue for attraction to men, and yellow for attraction to non-binary individuals.
- Meaning: Symbolizes pride and visibility for those attracted to all genders.
- LGBT Representation: Represents inclusivity and acceptance beyond binary categories.
- Pan Pride: Encourages embracing attraction to all genders.

Customer Reviews

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It’s cute but the material is of much lower quality than I was anticipating. There were also fabric scraps that fell out when I opened the plastic packaging this was in. This was also made in China, despite the shop owner advertising this as locally made and operated in the US.


Super low quality, extremely see through, and poor stitching. You can see the poorly cut fabric gap sewn in the seams.

Natalie Dickes
Durable, Vibrant, and Weather-Resilient: A Pride Flag Worth Celebrating

This pride flag is amazing! I've had it outside for ages, and it still looks brand new—no fading or damage from the weather. The colors are so bright and vibrant, and the material feels really strong. It's tough enough to handle the wind and rain while still looking fantastic. Overall, it's a super durable flag that keeps its colors popping, perfect for showing pride outside.

Demigirl pride flag

Beautiful flag and arrived so quickly. Lovely quality and a great size. Bought as a present and I can't wait to see it being used.
Thank you very much as you were nice to deal with.

Nic Jones

Just what I expected a quality product to show off the true me ❣️💜💙💗.

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