Trans Couple Attacked By Mob In Greece Leads To Thousands Protesting In LGBTQ+ Support

in Mar 19, 2024

Less than a month after Greece approved marriage equality, an LGBTQ+ couple faced a violent attack during the Thessaloniki Documentary Festival. A transgender couple was targeted by a group of around 200 people who yelled, spat, and threw bottles at them. Seeking safety, the couple ran to a nearby restaurant, but the mob continued to harass them from outside.

When the couple left, the group threw bottles, though luckily no physical harm was done. Initially, 25 suspects were detained by the police, 21 of whom were later arrested after further investigation.

Among those arrested, 11 were minors, 10 were adults, and 12 were foreign nationals. The case is now being handled by the Thessaloniki Police Directorate's Department for Combating Racist Violence. 

Thessaloniki's mayor, Stelios Angeloudis, strongly condemned the attack on social media, emphasizing the city's commitment to diversity and respect. The festival strongly condemned the incident as well.

This year's festival even honored LGBTQ+ cinema and filmmaker Panayotis Evangelidis. The Orthodox Church, despite opposition, expelled lawmakers supporting marriage equality. 

Following the attack, LGBTQ+ activists and women's groups led a peaceful march in Aristotelous Square against homophobia and transphobia. Thessaloniki Pride Festival organized the march, affirming their city's commitment to inclusivity and safety.