Chest Binder Trans Non-Binary Genderfluid Genderqueer

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WARNING:  Do not wear this product when exercising, or doing heavy lifting. Do not wear this product to sleep in, and do not wear it for longer than 8 hours at a time. Never wear more than one binder at once, and if the binder makes breathing difficult take it off immediately. Wearing a binder that is too small can cause issues or damage with breast tissue and can affect future top surgeries. Please pay close attention to the size chart when placing an order.

This product does not feature buckles, or adjustable straps.

Please use size chart when choosing your size.



Thin material, intended for summer time use

85% polyester fiber, comfortable and breathable


Customer Reviews

Based on 9 reviews

This binder really is great. No soreness, rashes, or irritation. It's breathable, flexible, and easy to take on/off. I'd definitely recommend it to people who've never owned a binder before, or are looking for something to wear to school/work. Such a good product!

Johanna Masalin

Chest Binder Trans Non-Binary Genderfluid Genderqueer

Sophie Yundt

I definitely recommend this product! It works great. I got an L since I was in between M and L, and the binder is amazing! The fabric is breathable and feels nice on the skin, and I've worn it in sessions of about 8 hours and have had no problems with being short of breath, etc. The binder is easy to put on and take off and it's great overall. It got to my house 7 days early as well, so that was a nice bonus.

Kiley Bogisich

Chest Binder Trans Non-Binary Genderfluid Genderqueer

Kameron Gibson

I've bought a size larger than mine and it fits me perfectly. That's a really good binder!

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